Information and goods provided on this site are strictly for non-consumptive herbarium specimens, collection, legitimate research, educational, candle making, soap making and/or ornamental purposes only. All our goods are sold "as is" for bulk botanical ingredients/material and do not come with any claims or directions.

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White Maeng Da  Kratom....


All kratom at Kratom King Canada is premium kratom, also known as "super kratom". Other vendors charge more for for Supers, but we do not carry sub par leaf, only the best quality kratom we can buy.


Super kratom comes from larger, older kratom trees which have a higher alkaloid content. Supers are not enhanced in any way with concerntrates/extracts, we only sell raw leaf.








Our raw materials are for research only, not for human consumption. Important Disclaimer: For educational and research purposes only. Not for Human or animal use. Not for medicinal use. Not for aromatherapy(topical and inhalation). Not sold for incense. Not sold as a food. Not sold as a drug. Not a dietary supplement or natural health product and can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Handle with care.

White Maeng Da Kratom